Oreste Napolitano   
   Laurea (Naples), MSc (CBS- Cardiff), PhD (BBS-London)

  Department of Economic Studies

Università degli Studi di Napoli  Parthenope



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Politica Economica. La Teoria e L’Unione Europea


Ugo Marani, Rosaria Rita Canale, Oreste Napolitano, Pasquale  Foresti

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"Assessing the impact of the ECB's monetary policy on the stock markets: A sectoral view", with Konstantin Kholodilin, Alberto Montagnoli,  and Boriss Siliverstovs,  Economics Letters (forthcoming).

Do Fundamentals and Credibility matter in a Funded Pension System? A Markov Switching Analysis for Australia and Iceland, with Mariangela Bonasia, Brussel Economic Review (forthcoming).

The Role of Credibility and Fundamentals in a Funded Pension System : A Markov Switching Analysis for Australia and Iceland, with Mariangela Bonasia, DIW Berlin, German Institute for Economic Research- Discussion paper, n. 756, 2007.

Ugo Marani and Oreste Napolitano are the Italian adapting authors of Macroeconomics, by R. Dornbusch, S. Fischer and R. Startz, Mcgraw-hill, 9th Edition

"Is the Impact of ECB Monetary Policy on EMU Stock Market Returns asymmetric?", DSE Working Paper, n. 03-2006.

 "Financial Condition Index and interest rate settings: a comparative analysis"with Alberto Montagnoli, DSE Working Paper, n. 08-2005.

"Are currency crises self-fulfilling? The case of Argentina" , Review of Word Economics (Weltwirtschftliches Archiv), Vol. 141, No. 2, 2005, (with  Virginie Boinet and Nicola Spagnolo)

"Strana voglia di vecchia Europa" Eurofinanza (mensile di Economia Internazionale), Luglio-Agosto 2005 - anno V numero 7 (con Alberto Montagnoli).

AISSEC, Italian Association for the Analysis of  Comparative Economic Systems, XV International Conference Naples,  24-25 November 2006


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Oreste Napolitano
University of Naples ''Parthenope''
Department of Economic Studies
Via Medina, 40 - 80133 Naples (Italy)
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